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Presentations by Bennett M. Brooks

An Overview of Noise Control
in the Power Industry (11/5/91)
View (3,809K)

Measurement and Control of Noise from Small Firing Facilities (5/15/92) View (3,423K)

Aerodynamic Noise of High Speed
Ground Vehicles (5/18/93)
View (993K)

Low Frequency Noise Induced
Vibrations on Housing Structures (8/8/93)
View (2,106K)

A Global Vision for the
Noise Control Marketplace (5/1/95)
View (1,283K)

Noise Labeling and Acoustic Consultant:
The Importance of Standardization (8/14/98)
View (877K)

Local Ordinance Targeted to
Low-Frequency Noise (11/4/99)
View (42K)

Internoise: The Global Noise Control
Marketplace for the New Millenium (12/6-8/99)
View (21K)

Eliminating Acoustical Barrier to Learning in Classrooms:
Reverberation Reduction in Elementary School Gymnasiums (6/1/2000)
View (393K)

Acoustical Modeling and Auralization as a
Design Tool for a University Concert Hall Renovation (6/1/2000)
View (27K)

Hot Topics in Noise (6/6/2001) View (1,425K)

Progress on a Model Community
Noise Ordinance Standard (6/7/01)
View (175K)

Acoustics Fundamentals (2/2003) View (123K)

Eliminating Acoustical Barriers to Learning in Classrooms:
What You Need to Know About Acoustics (6/27/2003)
View (760K)

Acoustical Criteria for Hospital Patient Rooms Resolving Competing Requirements (11/11/2003) View (1,989K)

Crowell Concert Hall Project Overview View