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Website Updated and Improved

The BAC web site gained some major enhancements in May 2003, as a result of our web upgrade program. These include the new Knowledge and Recognition sections. The Knowledge section contains fresh information on acoustics and noise control ranging from the acoustic basics for the layperson to state of the art techniques for fellow professionals. Much of the site received a polishing with new graphics and links. Our web designers Marc and Matt hope that you like it and enjoy exploring!

Term as TCN Chair Ends

Bennett Brooks recently completed a three year term of service as the Chair of the Technical Committee on Noise for the Acoustical Society of America. His term as Chair of TCN ended after the ASA's 145th Meeting in May 2003, in Nashville, Tennessee. During those three years many exciting projects were undertaken by the "Noise Committee", including work to promote awareness of school classroom acoustics and the advancement of community noise policy. The membership on TCN has become stronger with many active participants. Bennett is pleased to have had the opportunity to serve this fine organization and is confident that the future of TCN is well assured with the committee in the capable hands of the incoming Chair, Mike Stinson of the National Research Council of Canada.

Interview on NPR

In May 2002 Bennett Brooks was interviewed by National Public Radio about the mysterious noise experienced by some in Kokomo, Indiana known as the "Kokomo Hum." He discussed its potential sources and the possible effects on people. Listen to the interview.

Presentation to ASHRAE - CT

Bennett Brooks gave two presentations to the Connecticut Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refridgerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) in September of 2000. During the Technical Session he went over basic acoustical definitions, concepts and formulas that are helpful to HVAC engineers and will provide better understanding of acoustical fundamentals. During the dinner program, Mr. Brooks discussed acoustical considerations for HVAC designs, as well as “does and don’ts” and areas where HVAC designers can get themselves into trouble. View the program at the conference.

1999 CEPP Engineering Excellence Award

The Connecticut Engineers in Private Practice has announced that Brooks Acoustics Corporation of Vernon, Connecticut, has been awarded the 1999 CEPP Engineering Excellence Award for their acoustical renovation of Crowell Concert Hall at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut.

Brooks Acoustics Corporation (BAC) identified specific acoustical problems with the 400 seat concert hall which have existed since it was built. In close coordination with the University's faculty, the problems were prioritized and addressed using a variety of techniques including a stage shell and enclosure, reflective and absorptive surfaces and noise reduction measures.

The firm used an innovative technique, acoustical ray tracing, to digitally model how each of the designs would work. The designers used a sophisticated computer process to "listen" to music in the modeled hall before it was built. The renovated hall plays an important role in the improved quality of learning for Wesleyan students, a new feeling of satisfaction for faculty members and concert performers, and an improved environment for the audience.

Connecticut Engineers in Private Practice (CEPP) is now known as American Council of Engineering Companies of Connecticut (ACEC/CT)

Consumer Reports

BAC President Bennett Brooks was quoted in the September 1999 edition of Consumer Reports magazine, in an article titled "Noise: Special Reports". This article discusses: Why noise hurts; how products could be quieter; why they should be quieter; and how the consumer, manufacturers and the government can reduce the din.

In the article, Mr. Brooks discusses ways to economically improve the design of a typical consumer product, a kitchen blender.